Apr 6, 2010, tags: photography

Last week we spent in (south) Korea, and although it was more expensive than the other trips we’ve made it turned out pretty good. The climate, temperatures, and general colours were very much those of Sweden during fall which wasn’t that exciting but it was very nice to get rid of the creeping moist in Hong Kong for a few days.

From the Seoul tower we had views of the mega city Seoul in all directions. Seoul is the worlds second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo and it was a mighty view at night with the lights extending to the horizons.

The last month in Hong Kong consisted of taking in the last impressions, doing the things that still were undone and consuming as much good food in general and sushi in particular while slowly saying good bye to the most astonishing city I’ve seen. The last night we hiked in the dark for 1.3h to reach Lions Peak where we had the most grand view of Hong Kong. Surrounded by skyscrapers glowing in the dark to the south, west, and north, it was a fantastic ending of my stay in this huge but compact city.