Bits and pieces from here and there

I'm an engineer and consultant mostly interested in machine-learning and applications of AI, but I've also dabbled with computer-vision, written control-software for 6kW permanent-magnet sensorless motors, and designed an AESA down-converter for Swedish defense industry.

I studied physics, computer science, and machine-learning at Chalmers University in Sweden and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and got my M.Sc. in Complex Adaptive Systems in 2011.

I can be reached at anders (at) bennehag (dot) com and this is my public key.

Things I Do

  • Write all the code
  • Machine learning-models
  • Cloud computing
  • Brew espresso using lever-machine
  • Mountainbike and roadbike
  • Currently freelancing


Some things I've written about are found here. Mostly its either about some code I wrote or some photographs that turned out alright.